MENTI / History

grape juice of Vin Santo of Gambellara

“An art of making wine, a knowledge passed on father to son for generations” Agostino


Mentis continue to write the family history: a long tradition of grape growers and winemakers. A young and qualified cellar founded on familiar values and on the experience that is handed down from father to son for generations. On the Montebello Vicentino hills, in the town Selva, Menti is a small cellar situated in a new structure where one can see a good bond between innovation and tradition, two key words that describe the Menti’s.  Today, as in the past, the Mentis are strongly bound to Montebello territory, to its vineyards and its grapes: the variety Garganega.
From Garganega Mentis make wines typical of this area, such as Rivalonga and Nostra Historia, but also they produce innovative and modern wines such as Libello (= little book) and Dama Bianca (= white lady). But it’s always the variety of Garganega: elegant, mineral and salty.
They work 27 hectares on their own on the hills of Montebello Vicentino, Gambellara and Sovizzo area. For more than a decade, Mentis resume the cultivation of olive trees and for several years they keep bees.
In this way they produce olive oil and honey in addition to wine.