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Menti family

"For more than two centuries, our family is united and bound to a “flame land”: Gambellara area" Michela


Two hundred years ago, Antonio, ancestor of Menti heirs, settled in Gambellara Veronese village in a farmhouse on an hill top estate and planted vines, olive- , fruit- and mulberry trees. Cultivation of vineyards and the crafting of wine is an ancient tradition of the Menti’s family. This craftsmanship was passed on to the protagonists of today. Sister and brother, Michela and Nicola, together with their father Agostino, continue with dedication and passion the art of making wine in their ancestral land of Gambellara.
Today, the Mentis live in a small paradise on ancient volcanic slopes of Selva di Montebello Vicentino, between solidified lava walls, vines, olive- and fruit trees.