MENTI / Intro

Volcanic soil

“A land of flame, an ancestry of winemakers and a great volcanic wine”

This is the story of two children who live on an ancient strip of incandescent lava arranged by an explosion of submarine volcano’s many thousand of years ago in the Gambellara area, Vicenza region. There they grew up among the scents of the typical Garganega grapes growing in the area, and the dark dust of old basalts covering the earth. Here the children ran joyfully through steep vineyards, rows of olive- and fruit trees, with their hands dirty with dark earth.
At that stage of their lives, they were unaware of their destiny which soon came knocking at the door…
After their studies and exploration of the wide world, they instinctively choose to return to their roots and origin in Gambellara, where they continue the ancient traditions and adding a generation of Menti winemakers.
The Garganega grape is their pride and is crafted with a given modern touch but yet the style remains classic and elegant with a mineral finish. This is what Gambellara is all about: volcanic.