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Golden Star 2021 Guide Vini Buoni d'Italia to Rivalonga Gambellara Classico

The WineHunter Award Gold 2021 to Nostra Historia Gambellara Vin Santo

Doctor Wine award 2021 for Nostra Historia Gambellara Vin Santo


Menti Wines in Vini Buoni d?italia Guide 2021

The WineHunter award GOLD 2018

The WineHunter Award 2018 Gold to Nostra Historia Gambellara Vin Santo 2010.

"Only the best, in all its form because eccelence is an attitude".


The WineHunter award RED 2018

The WineHunter Award Rosso 2018 to Rivalonga Gambellara Classico 2016.

"Only the best, in all its forms because excellence is an attitude."


Golden star to Rivalonga Gambellara Classico

About my favourite sweet wine of 2016, one I loved most!


Nostra Historia Vin Santo 2010 - Faccino del Doctor Wine


Guide "Vini Buoni d'Italia 2016 - Touring Editore

The only wine guide of italian autochthonous grapes.

We are in this guide with our wines:

- RIVALONGA Gambellara Classico,

- LIBELLO Veneto Garganega,

- BOCCIOLO Veneto Garganega sparkling.

Menti Vini on newspaper La Stampa

The emergent Gambellara from Garganega's vineyards by Paolo Massobrio


Insolito Gambellara Classico on the Italian Top Hundred wines of 2014

We are to Golosaria exhibition in MIlan on 16th of november to the award ceremony of the Top Hundred Italian Wine-Cellars of 2014. Our awarded wine is INSOLITO GAMBELLARA CLASSICO

INSOLITO on Sette of Corriere della Sera

Daniele Cernilli (doctor wine) writes about Insolito Gambellara Classico 2011 on the insert Sette of national newspaper Corriere della Sera